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About us

Founded in Copenhagen whilst dreaming of Spain


Dreams from Spain has been importing high-quality Spanish products to Denmark since 2011.


We offer products such as jamón ibérico, lomo ibérico, chorizo ibérico, manchego cheese, wines, extra virgin olive oil & many other Spanish delis from different regions.


Our founder, Araceli Santos, is an agronomical engineer and expert in food and delis from Spain with more than 20 years of experience in the Spanish import & export food market. 


We select our products with love and care,

focusing on quality and unique taste from their famous designation of origin (PDO), to maximize your pleasure and culinary experience. 


 You can enjoy our products in 3 different ways:


Stocking up your pantry? Buy from our online shop


Want to treat yourself and your loved ones? Buy our specially-designed delis packs


Hosting an event? Count on us for your catering



See you soon! Hasta pronto!

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