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Turrón de Alicante Antiuxiona

Turrón de Alicante Antiuxiona

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Turron duro (Spanish hard nougat)  is a traditional dessert which has been around since the Middle ages. 

Almonds, honey and nuts all mixed together to creare and a heavenly crunchy combination! 


The Alicante type (hard type) has a main ingredient: marcona almond (64%)- a natural product without aditives.
The Alicante turrón is a traditional type consumed mainly during the Christmas season... but some eat it also all year round! 
It has Special denomination of Origin (DOP) which guarantees that the process and ingredients are of the maximum quality and, therefore, its taste and texture.


Quantity: 200g

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  • Gluten Free

    This product is gluten free

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